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The consumer packaged goods industry is home to some of the most iconic brands in the world. It is our privilege to positively impact the lives of every American, every day.

Our Strategic Priorities

We are in the process of reimagining the GMA of the future, from our website to a bold new agenda that empowers the industry to grow and thrive. Here are our priorities.

Champion Smart Regulation

We advocate for rational, informed, uniform regulatory frameworks that maintain affordability, promote choice and build consumer trust across the sectors we represent, from household products to food and beverage.

Enhance Packaging Sustainability

The industry plays a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future by reducing packaging material, increasing recyclability and manufacturing with recycled content. We aim to leverage our expertise and innovations to galvanize stakeholders and drive needed solutions.

Build Trust in Consumer Packaged Goods

We promote our industry’s commitment to providing consumers with safe, trustworthy, reliable products and to sharing necessary information about these products, shaping a more informed, transparent environment.

Create Frictionless Supply Chains

We account for one-fifth of all freight shipping in the United States, making the CPG industry a key stakeholder – and expert voice – on supply chain issues. We work to remove barriers to providing American consumers the affordable products they rely on every day.

By the Numbers


Report: Reduce. Reuse. Confuse.

Americans who feel recycling is more confusing than building Ikea furniture narrowly edge out those who say it’s more confusing than doing taxes or playing the stock market.

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Report: Reduce. Reuse. Confuse.

Every one of the 25-largest CPG companies has made a commitment to producing more recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging.

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Report: Best If Clearly Labeled

The number of products that carry one of two streamlined date labels, giving consumers greater clarity about when — or if — they should throw an item away.

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The Economic Contributions of the U.S. Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

While most Americans may not think about the jobs and industries they are supporting when they toss toothpaste and cereal into their cart or order window cleaner or laundry detergent from Amazon, the products they rely on to power their day have a massive impact on the economy.

See The Impact

GMA to Relaunch as Consumer Brands Association in 2020

We represent an industry of iconic brands that are innovative, forward-looking and touch the lives of every American. As the new Consumer Brands Association, we are making a game-changing shift to unite the totality of the CPG industry around a focused, proactive agenda that aligns with the values of the brands we represent and the consumers they serve.

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We Want To Hear From You

Reimagining GMA means listening to diverse voices from across the industry. We encourage you to share feedback.